Entire Back Catalogue of Wild Pumpkins at Midnight finally available – and theres also a new album!!!

Wild Pumpkins at Midnight was the first band that label owner Dan Tuffy was involved in. They operated from 1984 till 1998, won a prestigious ARIA award in 1989 and were nominated for a 2nd award in 1990. They toured successfully in Australia and Europe and built up significant international followings, releasing 9 albums in 14 years. Smoked is proud to announce the digital release of the bands entire back catalogue, now available on all streaming and download services. But there is more! A 29 song track album called LOST OCEAN is available as well! These recordings are out takes from their final 1997 recording sessions and are buzzing with the infectious live energy the band was known for. Mixed, mastered and lovingly salvaged from forgotten tapes stored in attics, sheds and barns by original WPAM guitarist and sonic enhancer Nick Larkins

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