If you are interested in doing some recording you could do a lot worse than to get us involved. We have over 25 years of studio experience and some extremely high quality recording gear. We no longer run a fully set-up studio. Our set up these days is “mobile”. This means we record mainly on location – in your kitchen, living room, attic or shed; any location of your choosing! We have done many records, for example, in old churches or rooms with an otherwise great sound. We specialise in small scale live recordings where the emphasis is on musical interaction, and we get some amazing results like this. Post production and mixing also possible. If you like any of the music on Smoked Recordings you will be happy recording with us because most of what is on the label has either been recorded or produced by us.

Our gear is a mixture of analogue and digital and is absolute top class. Here is a list of some of the equipment we use; Crane Song Spider 8-track recording pre-amp & summing mixer, Thermionic Culture Tube Pre/eq, Urei LA-4, Apollo 8 Interface plus full UAD vintage plug-in suite, Tubetech LA-2 Compressor and an expensive selection of mics including AEA R84, AEA R88, Neman, Josephson & AKG mics. Basically, all of this gear is top market, very expensive and what we call in the business “proper kit”. You will be amazed at the sounds this stuff pulls.

So if you feel like making something that sounds very very good – you are at the right place. Our price is very modest if you put it against what our equipment is worth. We will come to you and record on location for 350 euro per day excl. BTW excl. travel costs.

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